I got bit, on purpose.

That's me, being taken down by a 45# ball of biting fury.

That’s me, being taken down by a 45# ball of biting fury.

I did something completely out of the ordinary yesterday.   Everyone who’s been to the blog knows I work in a veterinary clinic.  I’m exposed to a new set of teeth, large and small, approximately every 20 minutes.  I’ve been bitten by a few cats, nipped by more than a few dogs, and scratched all to pieces by both.  I have never, ever, been bitten on purpose. No matter how much I didn’t want to work that day.  I hate being bit.  I do everything I can to avoid it.  So yesterday, when my coworkers and I were asked if we want to be moving targets for the Military K9s, of course I said yes.  Even if it was hesitantly.  I’m all about unique experiences, and man did I get one.

If you’ve read my blog you’ve seen some of the other posts featuring the working dogs, you know I’ve got pictures of them hanging on sleeves, running, and looking less than cuddly.  Well, I suited up and experienced the bite first hand.

Sumo Jamie! Bitesuits are thick and hot, and difficult to move in.

Sumo Jamie! Bitesuits are thick and hot, and difficult to move in.

Here’s a few questions I have been asked:

  • What did it feel like?  It was awkward being in the bite suit.  I felt like a sumo wrestler trying to run. Then when the dog hit me, it pinched and hurt, and was a little embarrassing because I was dragged down by a 40# dog, but it was ridiculously fun. I recommend it.   
  • What was I thinking?  I was thinking it was gonna be awesome, and lord, please don’t let me fall on my face and eat dirt, or do something stupid that will cause my name to be held in infamy.  Or worse, they name something stupid that happens after me… you know, like that girl pulled a britney, only that girl pulled a jamie.  No… lord, please, no.
  • Would I do it again?  Hell to the yeah.  I wish I could go back in time and enlist as a K9 Handler so I could do it on a frequent basis.  That, and that I love real working dogs, and would love to work with them on a daily basis, rather than just giving them shots and treating illnesses.

So, without further discussion, I bring you….. me getting bit, on purpose, by military working dogs.  Memorialized forever in photos.

Do something scary whenever possible, it’s the best possible way to remember you are alive.  🙂 (Philosophy by Jamie)

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