Gross veterinary stuff, You know you wanna look.


Cat with some form of Skin Lymphoma

Here it is, you know you wanna look.  My monthly installment of gross photos thinly veiled by the words veterinary medicine.  This is my job.  When I’m not jabbing animals with sharp needles, or sticking thermometers in unmentionable places, I’m seeing things like this.  This cat’s skin is quite literally flaking off in sheets.  It’s horrible.  It’s also horrible that I took pictures to share with you, but a little less so.  We’ve done all kinds of tests on this kitty, and the general consensus is that is has some kind of Melanoma or Lymphoma like issue that is causing this.  Strangely enough, this cat lives in the same house as the one with the giant Rodent Ulcer, as seen in this post: A Day of Oddity and Miracle. Another strange fact; of all the posts I’ve ever written in since the More than a Shuttle Launch one,  Oddity and Miracle has been the most viewed. So, you must like it.  Whether you want to or not. 🙂

My Second subject here, is a Pit Mix who had an Aural Hematoma.  Now, don’t let that word

Ear Taping is an Art, and I my friends, am the Arteest!

Ear Taping is an Art, and I my friends, am the Arteest!

throw you, it means a giant blood blister on it’s ear.  This happens frequently with dogs with floppy ears, dogs that wrassle with other dogs a lot, and dogs who have a tendency to bang their big thick skulls into things.  This one fights with his yard mate.  The ear flap basically fills with blood, and as a result it creates a giant swollen ear that is uncomfortable for the dog, and difficult to look at.  To treat it, we cut the blister open and suture it so that it can drain.  The ear then has to be taped and that, my friends, is an art.  Ears don’t tape easily, and especially when they are bloody and warm.  So, we were messing around looking for an alternative to what we usually do when I came up with the ear crop method of taping, which we quickly subjected our little friend to.  Turns out it works well! Only we ended up dropping the tape on the second ear, and the brace between them.  The cone stayed.

Spider Bite! Call the Exterminator!

Spider Bite! Call the Exterminator!

Third Victim of the post, is a spider bite.  We think it was a Brown Recluse.  This is a fresh bite wound.  Usually this happens within a matter of hours of the bite, and the skin continues to necrose and eventually slough off.  Sometimes it’s worse than others.  We hope this won’t be too bad.  Often pets are left with permanent divits as a reminder of the bite.

Well yall, that’s it for tonight.  Over the last two weeks I’ve done a lot of traveling and not much working or photographing.  Hopefully I’ll have some new stuff for you soon.

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