Free Facebook Cover Images!

Since I’m so close to having 100 followers I’ve decided to offer up some free facebook cover photos for you! 

Right Click to take them away, edit them a little more, just don’t delete my name from the corner please! 

If you want to use them for something other than facebook ask first. 

These are all sized perfectly for use on facebook. To use these, first save them to your computer, then open up facebook.  

Go to your “wall” (that’s done by clicking on your photograph, you should only see stuff you have posted or other people shared directly with you there.) Hover over the big image on the top, that’s the cover image. You should see a little thing pop up that says “change cover image”.  Click that.then you locate the image on your computer and upload it. No resizing neccessary. 🙂

These will also be available at in a few hours after this post.

Thanks for making me feel so loved!

I will try to add some more later in the week, so check back!

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