My Favorite Things (For My Dog)

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Who’s There

I get a lot of questions about what I use for my dogs from clients at work, so I thought I’d make a post about the things I actually have and recommend.  There are a ton of really great products that are great for dogs, and a metric ton more of things that aren’t.  There are a lot of things I really want to try, but I try to keep my dogs on a budget so maybe in the future…

#1.  My Favorite Food |  I feed Wellness Complete to both my dogs. They love it, I love it, and the nutrition is top notch for the price.  If you’ve never heard of Wellness Foods, you should check out their website and do the food comparison. Wellness Pet Foods.  If I had a cat I’d recommend this food for them too.

#2. Martingale Collar |  This is not a brand, but a type of collar.  It works wonders for dogs that don’t respond to flat type collars, and that slip out of chain collars.  It’s perfect for my pointer and her little head and thick neck.  A quick search for Canine Martingale Collar will bring up tons of choices.

#3. Nylabone Durable Dog Toys | I love Nylabone.  They aren’t everlasting like Kong’s (which I will also be adding to my list) but they keep my dogs happy for long periods of time.  You must be sure to get the appropriate sized toy for your large dog, small dogs will chew large toys, but large dogs will try to eat the small ones. After they have been chewed for a while you will need to dispose of them as they get chewed into sharp points.

#4. Kong Toys | Kong is the king of durable pet toys.  These are always great.  Check out their website here:  Kong Company and don’t forget to check out the section where they sell “seconds” at low cost! Same rule applies here, buy the appropriate sized toys for large dogs.  With small dogs you want to avoid buying overly large toys, because the shape will prevent them from utilizing them.

#5. ORAVET | I bet you don’t know what Oravet is.  I call it a teeth preservation system.  You apply it on a weekly basis and it creates a barrier that deters plaque and bacteria from invading your pet’s pearly whites.  Here is the website for your info: OraVet 

#6 Heartguard | I live in Florida.  We have mosquitos, mosquitos, and more mosquitos.  Heartguard is a proven, reliable, and low impact product to prevent those pesky Heartworms that come from mosquito bites.  It’s not that the other products don’t work, but I prefer Heartguard.  Just make sure you are doing something to prevent heartworm infection.

#7 Reflective Leashes|  You need these if you do stuff at night with your dog.  Awesome products, but not for training with as the reflective fabric is hard on the hands.

Again, just a few of my favorite products for my dogs.  🙂

Leave me a comment, then get off here, and take your dog for a walk.  – Jamie

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