Spanish Tall Ship Andalucia Galleon, Port Canaveral

Today, a replica of a 17th Century Spanish Tall Mast Ship named the Andalucia Galleon came through the Jetty entrance of Port Canaveral.  It is a beautiful wooden sailing ship, with tall masts, and tons of rigging and ropes.  I went out to see it come in, and felt the urge to sing pirate themed songs as I watched it approach.  What a sight! She (boats are always female, which is why the first voyage is a maiden voyage) will be docked up at Port Canaveral near Fishlips for next few days, and you can take a short tour of the boat during that time.

Correction: Since writing this, I’ve learned that it is a replica of a 15th century ship, and it’s part of the Viva Florida 500 Tall Ships Event  by Air Sea Space ( There will be another Spanish ship coming in later in the month.

Here are a few pics of the boat coming in.  The sky was overcast and cloudy, and it really made you get that “at the movies” feel.  I guess that’s why I made these photos into postcard type presentation!


AnadaluciaGalleonVertical AndaluciaGalleon-001

3 thoughts on “Spanish Tall Ship Andalucia Galleon, Port Canaveral

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