More Jetty Park Shorebirds

As promised, I have posted the other photos from Jetty Park taken on Tuesday 5/1.  The Royal Terns were really putting on quite a show, it seemed like there were specific hop on it moments going on.  One bird would start, and the others would follow.  The noise was fantastic, although I tried not to think to much about what it was exactly I was witnessing, and hearing.  It’s funny how we all anthropomorphize animals.  They really have no shame, propagation is as much a community experience as anything.  I, however, found it mildly embarrassing, I’m not sure why.  I blame it on the Puritans.  Pretty much everything is their fault one way or another.  Anyways.  I present you, the photos…

WordPress won’t let me tag this appropriately, but I hope you find this post and share it.  Thanks!

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