Pennsylvania Wood Turtle

Wood Turtle, Schuykill, PA

Wood Turtle, Schuykill, PA

I know, I know, I disappeared.  Well, big changes happened.  I moved from Florida to Pennsylvania, we bought a house, and I contracted that awful infection called Strep from my kids, again.  Most people get Strep for a few days, but because I am allergic to the medications best used to treat it I get it for about two weeks.  Two weeks of misery.  My throat still hurts! So anyways.

Today, we were out exploring the new world we’ve moved to, and I found this turtle, on the road.  Now, if you know me, or even just have read my blog, you probably know that I couldn’t resist a rescue.  So I pulled off, on the side of these rather scary mountain roads, and grabbed him.  I didn’t know what kind of turtle he was, or if he belonged there, but I couldn’t let him be smashed.  We loaded him into a bucket smaller than he was and brought him home to our creek, on our property.  We called him Mint, on the suggestion of Casey. I don’t know why.  I wanted to name him Herman.  Oh well.

Anyways, he now has the option of swimming down the creek into the Swatara River, where, I’ve learned, is a great place for him.  Maybe he’ll stick around a while first.  It turns out he is a Wood Turtle of the classificati0n Glyptemys insculpta.  They are a species of special concern in PA and are kind of unique in the turtle world.

Wood Turtle, Pine Grove, PA

Wood Turtle, Pine Grove, PA


One thought on “Pennsylvania Wood Turtle

  1. Enjoy your new state! So close to the AT, you can always get on it and head south and walk back to Florida via the Pinhoti and FT. 😉

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