Little Brown Birds


White-Throated Sparrows are fairly common here in the winter!

I am pretty surprised by how many birds I actually see here in the frigid snow of Pennsylvania. Growing up in Florida, it is just thought that everything comes south for the winter.  We never really consider that not to be completely accurate.  People come south, birds come south, mammals, well, they pretty much stay put in hibernation, like some people who remain here.  Now that I’m here, I realize how silly that is.  This is a hoppin’ place in the winter.  There are birds who moved south from the artic, there are animals who aren’t sleeping, and people, well, they actually LIKE snow. Yeah, that’s right.  They LIIIIIKE it.  They still go places, they put on a ton of clothes, and they do things.  Ummmm, what do I do with this new found information.  It’s amusing to me, being the Florida born person that I am. I guess though, it’s all about perspective, because I like it too.  Despite being frozen on a semi-hourly basis, having to put on a gazillion articles of clothing, and learning all about this white stuff called snow, I really, really, like it.  As long as I am warm. 🙂 Anyways, I think I got off my main idea here.  There are birds here, in the winter.  I’m looking forward to participating the in the Christmas Bird Count this weekend, and I hope to find a Snowy Owl, Rufus Hummingbird, horned larks, snow buntings, and lapwings.  Those are things that I probably never would see in Florida.. no matter what season.  Enjoy the photo, and If I don’t get back here, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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