Winter Birding in my front yard

I’ve mentioned before that I was surprised at the numbers of birds that are here in the winter.  Today I was even more surprised when it seemed that there were Pileated Woodpeckers everywhere.  I found them, and a whole host of other birds in my front yard.  I spent about an hour trudging through snow and slosh only to find that 95% of my shots were overexposed due to my lack of understanding how to photograph on snow.  It’s a learning curve, and I’m falling off the lower end.  So I’m attaching a few photos that were somewhat decent for your enjoyment.

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One thought on “Winter Birding in my front yard

  1. Very nice birding! It’s a good time of year here, too. Sans snow of course!

    RE: Your Christmas card rant…I did cards for many years, occasionally would skip a year, but the last two years I have not done them. Cards have fallen off precipitously since Facebook.

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