Photographing Snowy Somethings

Up in here in PA, there is a lot of talk about Snowy Owls.  I haven’t found one, so I just keep photographing snowy “things” in preparation for the moment when one lands in my front yard.  Photographing snow isn’t terribly hard, just tricky, and cold.  Wear super warm everything, make sure you gloves are flexible so that you can adjust settings and push buttons, and make sure you are watching where you walk.  Especially by stream beds.

 As far as settings, there are a ton of good tutorials online, none of which I could add anything to, so take a look at those. I used the search words “tips for photographing in snow.”  Check your white balance and exposure.  Make sure you keep your camera warm too.  Enough of that.  Here’s the photos.  Of snowy something things.

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