How to Save Shelter Cats

I took a leap today and ventured out to the local animal shelter.  I’ve been feeling a little like I’m wasting my skills trying to figure out what I am going to do with my life, and I haven’t been taking photos much.  The answer to this, I thought, was to volunteer to help at the shelter.  I just went to check it out and wound up hanging out taking photos.  I learned they have over 8o cats right now, and not enough time to advertise them all.

I know from experience how important it is to advertise, even for pets, especially for shelter pets.  There has been some evidence that good, pretty, pictures get critters adopted much faster.  So that’s what I’m doing.  I’m donating my time and skills to helping get some of these cats adopted.  Here’s some of the finished photos.

Remember, these are all adoptable, lovable, cats.  They aren’t feral, they all had homes at one time.  Now… anyone who knows me will tell you I am not a “cat person.”  I love dogs, and horses, and rabbits, and then maybe cats.  Maybe after cows.  However, I feel for them. People dispose of them much quicker than dogs, they are mistrusted, and when they misbehave it’s usually because someone doesn’t understand cat behavior.  I do like them, on occasion. There have even been a few that I would have brought home, but not all of them.  You’ll never find me as a crazy cat lady.  So I’m on a mission, without renting a trailer and filling it with cats, to find these furries a home.  🙂 I promise I won’t be blogging about them all the time, I just wanted to show off what I did, and see what you think about my “advertising”.

Fiona Loco Onyx OrmondLookingforlove Slappy Spencer Tiffany Violet  So What do you think about these?  Are they worth the time?


2 thoughts on “How to Save Shelter Cats

  1. Jaimie –
    Gorgeous pics – I would definitely guess that these are worth the time, but only kitties moving out will tell. I especially like the small personality blurbs, which manage expectations nicely. As a bonus for the new owners, might you supply an electronic copy of their cat’s portrait? I know some of my friends like to send out (I kid you not) “adoption” postcards when a new pet joins the family. Just another small perq as an incentive, and likely one that won’t take much of your time to do.

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