Outtakes: The humorous side of pet photography.

It’s no secret I enjoy pet photography.  I’ve been volunteering my time at the local shelter (see here: How to save shelter Cats) photographing the pets in an effort to make them more marketable. It’s working by the way.  Almost immediately two cats were adopted, and every time I post a featured photo people are coming to see the cats and want to know more.  If it weren’t snowing so much I have no problem believing that more of these furry friends (dogs and cats) would be finding homes.  So, back to the story, photographing these pets is hard work!  I don’t use any kind of studio accessories, I photograph them on their terms, in their light.  I like to capture their personalities.  In doing so I sometimes get more than I bargain for.  Most of the trouble comes with tongues.  I have more photos of animal tongues than I can shake a stick at. Some of the funnier moments don’t get photographed because I’m laughing too hard.  Things like cats falling off counters because they aren’t paying attention, scared


cats reacting to some other cat, and dogs unable to stop quite like they planned.  Some of the uncalled for moments are adorable.  I recently photographed Tucker, who rolled all over the place, in a sunbeam, like he was a supermodel of the cat world.

Some of the other outtakes include dogs with their jowels flapping in hilarious ways, tongues sticking out covering noses, tongues covering my camera lens, cats batting the camera and more.  One of my favorites was during an effort to photograph two cats in one cage.  Peepers and Nessie are their names.  While I was photographing Nessie, Peepers was in the back giving me the stare down.  It looked like those photos where you have a mad photobomber.  A few of these are found in the collage below.  Take a look, enjoy, share.  🙂



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