Tales of A Veterinary Nothing

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of writing a series of stories about my life experiences as a veterinary technician.  I think I am ready to go there now.  

So, what I am saying, is that over the next many posts I will be publishing rough drafts of my stories here; along with whatever other inspiration crosses my brain.  I hope you are ready, it’s gonna be a wild ride of emotions, stories of hope and sadness, and revealing of what both pet people and veterinary professionals go through in caring for animals.  

Just a small note about how I intend to write this project out. The tone of my writing if you will.  I do not intend to be judgemental or lofty. I will do my best to keep medical jargon in check or well explained, and most of all, I intend to be real.  I will not leave out the hard parts, the gross parts, or the embarrassing stuff.  It is all part of it.     – Jamie

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