About me

Thats me

Thats me

Welcome to Swamped; the photoblog of me, Jamie Drake. I love reading about people I don’t know, I’m guessing you do too.  If you must know I suppose we should start with the boring details.  I am a graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in Natural Resources and a specialty in Fish and Wildlife.  I also have an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology and have a professional certification in that field. I’m interested in working in the Wildlife Management field, finding ways for people and critters to share the space God gave us.  I am a native of Brevard County, Florida.  The very place I photograph most often.  I was born here to a family that was here long before me, and I think that gives me a unique perspective on what I love here and why I find a reason to photograph and share my world with you.

I photograph my world, which includes everywhere I go, most of what I eat, and some of what everyone else is doing.  I love fast photography, shooting at sports, flying birds, running horses, jumping dogs, that kind of thing.  I guess that means you’ll find me outdoors. If I could have it my way I’d shoot from horseback, but my current state of being has left me horseless. I shoot in the swamps and wetlands a lot, and enjoy all the other sports that go along with being out there too.

As for the other stuff, I use a Nikon d80, and am currently restricted to the use of a 70-300 mm Nikkor VR lens and a Nikkor 50 mm F2.8 lens.  I now shoot with a Nikon D7000 and have several lenses to work with.  I’ll try to put the specifics with the posts.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work (or know of any work I might be interested in) please drop me a line. I currently reside in Brevard County Florida, but look forward to moving somewhere near the Smoky Mountains and traveling the world if I ever get to retire.


8 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Jamie,

    At the Wildlife Rehab and Education Center (Houston) we are currently rehabbing a juvenile Caracara. He is the inspiration for a newsletter article. I know there is scientific discussion about whether the Florida Caracara is the same species or not, but I’m just trying to educate the public.

    I would like you permission to use your Caracara in flight to illustrate the “flying cross” conformation. There might be room for one of the ones of him perched on a post. I would of course cite you however you wish. I will forward you a copy of the article once it is done.

    I started at the SavingFLorida site went through Flickr and then wound up at your site. We are almost done with a new website and our designer (I’m the webmaster) was stressing the importance of the social networking sites. I’ve never really used them, but I would have never found you without them.

  2. Excellent About page! I loved living in Melbourne and wish I’d stayed! Then again, I wouldn’t have seen much of what is down here! As we were packing to leave on our last day in Melbourne I got a call for an interview to do endangered species surveys up in n-central Brevard. I always wonder what would have happened if I’d gone on that interview instead of coming down here!

    Thanks for all of the wonderful photos you’ve shared over the past few years!

  3. Jamie, thanks so much for coming out to the Roadster show. I know the new subjects were another type of wildlife, I appreciate you taking such great photos of the gleaming steel and glossy paint. Great job!
    Thanks again,
    D & the F L A Roadsters

    • It was fun! The tires were all nice too. I enjoy photographing everything, as you probably noticed, if you’ve taken a look around my blog. Thanks for visiting!

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